The history regarding our food and margaritas

The Barron's have been in the Toledo area serving their style of Mexican food since 1955, starting with the now famous Loma Linda Restaurant. We have maintained the recipes of the original and most popular entrees in addition to adding new and exciting dishes. Every restaurant in the Toledo area owned by a family member has it's own distinctive mark but as a family we stay united in the quality of all our food. The unmistakable taste of our margaritas still remain unchallenged in the Toledo area. The Barron margarita is not served in a large pitchers or fishbowl glasses because of the serious punch they pack. Our motto is "bigger is not always better, just more water". Connie and Daryl Barron would be proud to know that we have stayed true to the original recipes brought into this area by them and Connie's mother Ventura Cavasoz. As their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, we would like to thank them for the beautiful legacy they have bestowed upon us.

From our family, to the thousands of families that have walked through our restaurants doors, we would like to thank all of you for your patronage and support